Terms and Conditions


    1. The shipper warrants that all information is complete, true and correct, especially the name, business name,
      address, and contact number of the shipper and consignee.

    2. The shipper or authorized representative warrants that he/she is of legal age and has full legal capacity
      to enter into this contract at the time of the transaction.

    3. The shipper or authorized representative warrants that the consignee is of legal age and has full legal
      capacity to transact and receive the shipped package or parcel.

    4. The shipper or authorized representative warrants that the declared contents and value of the shipment are
      complete, true and correct.

    5. The shipper or authorized representative warrants that all letters, documents, or papers of whatever nature which
      are being sent are of no commercial value.

    6. The shipper or authorized representative warrants that any consequences resulting from any inaccuracy in the
      information mentioned above shall be borne by the shipper.


    8. VLI has the right, but not the obligation, to open and inspect the shipment in the presence of the shipper or
      authorized representative at any time prior to its acceptance for carriage to verify its contents.

    9. If the shipper or authorized representative disapproves or disallows the opening and/or inspection for whatever
      reason, VLI has the right to refuse acceptance of the package or parcel.


    11. The following items shall not be accepted for carriage by VLI:
      1. All illegal drugs and illegal drug paraphernalia (such as marijuana, cocaine
        or any narcotic or synthetic drug which is strictly prohibited under Philippine laws).
        Any attempt to transport the foregoing through VLI shall immediately be reported to the
        proper authorities;
      2. Those which violate the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines or R.A. 8293
        (i.e., fake DVDs, VCDs and other imitation products);
      3. Live animals, bugs, endangered or threatened flora and fauna;
      4. Ammunition, firearms and parts, gunpowder, dynamite, firecrackers, or explosives of any kind;
      5. Paint, thinner, varnish, or any hazardous or similar chemicals;
      6. Flammable and poisonous gases, or flammable liquids;
      7. Corrosive substances like car battery, mercury, acids, battery solutions;
      8. All articles and substances of similar nature or otherwise prohibited or requires
        government permit for its transport under Philippine laws.


    13. The shipper is responsible for ensuring that the goods are packaged properly in accordance
      with their nature so that it can be carried safely with the usual standard of care in handling.
      1. Large and heavy items or goods need to be placed in boxes and tightly sealed with tape.
      2. Shipment labels have to be clearly displayed on a single surface with the name and
        address of the shipper and consignee clearly indicated thereon.
      3. Packages or parcels above 50 kilos should be placed in a solid container/box/wooden crate.
      4. Fragile items must be packaged with extra cushioning and protection and should be placed
        in a box or solid container. If necessary, fragile items should be bubble wrapped.
      5. Styrofoam containers and plastic containers carrying fish, frozen items, or ice need to
        be placed in a large plastic bag and cannot be loaded for transport if any liquid is leaking.

    14. VLI reserves the right to refuse shipment of any package or parcel not in compliance or conformity
      with these terms and conditions, or for reasons of public safety or security.


    16. Perishable items, breakable items, and electronic items should always be disclosed by the shipper before
      weighing the items. VLI Checkers are required to inspect the freshness, sturdiness, and condition of the items
      before accepting the package or parcel and allowing the shipper to proceed to payment.

    17. All moist or wet items are required to be in a Styrofoam container, wrapped in plastic, sealed and properly
      labeled with “PERISHABLE” on the container.

    18. Fruits, electronics, and dry perishable goods are required to have bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or protective sheet
      to preserve freshness.

    19. Sensitive or breakable items should be properly labeled with “FRAGILE” on the container.


    21. VLI will endeavor to exercise its best efforts to make expeditious delivery in accordance with its normal trip schedules.

    22. VLI will deliver all items within forty-eight (48) hours upon completion of transaction from the sending terminal.
      Prior to the lapse of the forty-eight (48) hour-period, VLI shall not be liable for any delay.

    23. There shall be delay in transportation or delivery of any shipment after the lapse of forty-eight (48) hours referred
      to in paragraph 17, if such delay was without any justifiable reason or cause.

    24. However, there is no delay in transportation or delivery of any shipment if it was due to force majeure, such as but not
      limited to natural calamities, war or civil unrest, total lockdown or containment, or any event of similar nature, or any
      mistake or error caused by sender such as misspelled name of consignee, wrong address, or incorrectly filled
      out information.


    26. Packages or parcels that need to reach their destination in less than twenty-four (24) hours have to be disclosed to VLI.
      A special handling fee will be charged for expedited delivery.

    27. A special handling fee shall also be charged for packages or parcels with a declared value above P5,000.00.


    29. The consignee or authorized representative shall claim the packages or parcels within thirty-six (36) hours from arrival
      at its final destination. Beyond thirty-six (36) hours, VLI shall charge a Storage Fee of P100/per package or parcel/per day.
      Packages or parcels that remain unclaimed beyond thirty (30) days shall be disposed of by VLI in a manner it sees fit, given
      the particular circumstances or nature of the packages or parcels obtaining at the time.

    30. It shall be the duty of the consignee or authorized representative to check the items or goods delivered immediately upon
      receipt, preferably in the presence of VLI representative. The items or goods shall be considered to have been received
      as complete, and in good order and condition if there are no report or notice to the contrary made at the time of such
      receipt and/or inspection.


    32. The liability of VLI for loss or damaged package or parcel is limited only up to the its declared value in the Official
      Receipt, regardless of the actual/declared content, but in no case exceeding P5,000.00.

    33. For lost or damage of packages or parcels with no declared value, VLI’s liability is limited to the refund of shipping fee,
      regardless of the actual value.

    34. The liability of VLI for delay in delivery is limited only up to the refund of shipping fee.

    35. For packages or parcels with a declared value in excess of P5,000.00, the shipper may purchase insurance coverage
      available at all Drop and Go Outlets for added protection against loss or damage.

    36. VLI shall not be liable for any consequential, moral, exemplary, special or other indirect losses and damages, however
      arising, whether or not VLI had knowledge that such damages might be incurred, including but not limited to loss of
      income, profits, interest, utility or market share.

    37. Glass, china, castings and other goods that are brittle or fragile in nature should be properly labeled and will be carried
      at the shipper’s risk with regard to breakage. VLI will not be responsible for any breakage especially if the shipment was
      closed/sealed when presented to VLI.

    38. All damages and impairment suffered by the goods during transit by reason of accident, force majeure, or by virtue of the
      nature and defect of the items shall be for the account and the risk of the shipper.

    39. Perishable goods will be sent and carried at the shipper’s risk with regard to spoilage. Goods which are perishable in
      nature will be accepted if it is in good condition and packed and labeled properly. Upon arrival in its destination, VLI
      will hold the goods within twenty-four (24) hours. If the goods are not retrieved within twenty-four (24) hours from
      arrival at its destination, VLI has the right to dispose of the shipment to avoid spoilage and contamination within
      the premises.


    41. All claims shall be made in writing and strictly within the following periods, otherwise they shall be denied:
      1. Claims for damages shall be made at the time the items or goods are received and inspected by the
        consignee or authorized representative, in accordance with paragraph 23.
      2. Claims for loss shall be made within forty-eight (48) hours from discovery of such loss by the
        consignee or authorized representative.
    42. Any court action arising from this contract shall be brought before the proper courts of Caloocan City, to the
      exclusion of all other courts.

    43. NON-WAIVER

    44. Failure by VLI to enforce or apply any of the foregoing Drop and Go terms and conditions set forth herein
      shall not constitute a waiver of any such provision/s and does not otherwise impair VLI’s right to subsequently
      enforce such provision/s.


    46. The shipper warrants that any personal data provided to VLI for the purpose of allowing it to properly transport
      and deliver the items or goods is accurate and complete and that said data was provided with the shipper’s express
      consent that the data will be treated in accordance with VLI’s data privacy policy as set forth in its website. The
      shipper likewise expressly consents to VLI’s sharing this data with third party business partners for purposes of
      enhancing the Drop and Go service experience.