Terms and Conditions

  1. The shipper warrants the following:
    • That all information is true and correct, especially the name, business name, address
      and telephone number of consignor and consignee;
    • That the declared contents and value of shipment are true and correct;
    • That all letters, documents or paper of whatever nature is of no commercial value;
    • That boxes contains no hazardous or prohibited items.

  2. VLI may open and check the boxes prior to acceptance in the presence of the shipper or
    authorized representative to ensure that the shipment contains no hazardous or
    prohibited content. VLI reserves its rights to refuse acceptance of items which, in its
    discretion, “would violate its policies and pertinent laws” and VLI will not be liable for
    loss/damage due to its refusal to transport those prohibited items.

  3. The following items shall not be transported by VLI Drop&Go:

    1. All illegal drugs (marijuana, cocaine or any narcotic or synthetic drug is strictly
      Prohibited and will be reported to the proper authorities.)
    2. Those which violate the Intellectual Property Rights Code, R.A. 8293 (i.e.,
      DVDs, VCDs, other imitation products);
    3. Live animals, insects;
    4. Ammunition, guns (including parts), firecrackers, explosives of any kind;
    5. Paint thinner, varnish or any similar chemicals;
    6. Flammable and poisonous gases and flammable liquids (i.e., LPG tanks,
      gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel, butane canisters, or other similar items);
    7. Corrosive substances like car battery, mercury, battery solutions and acids;
    8. Radioactive materials;
    9. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides;
    10. Human or animal corpses, body parts, cremated or disinterred remains and
      other biological specimens;
    11. All articles and substances violating Philippine laws;

  4. The consignor is responsible for ensuring that the goods are packaged properly in
    accordance with their nature so that it can be carried safely with the usual standard of
    care in handling.

    1. Perishable items, breakable items & electronic items should always be
      disclosed by the customer before items are weighed. VLI checkers are required
      to inspect the freshness, sturdiness and condition of the items, including their
      manner of packaging, before proceeding to payment;
    2. Fragile items need extra cushioning and protection. Make sure to place bubble
      wraps if necessary;
    3. Fruits, electronics and dry perishable goods must be wrapped in protective
      materials to preserve freshness;
    4. Sensitive or breakable items must be labelled as “FRAGILE”;

  5. The beneficiary or receiver must claim their items within seventy two (72) hours from
    arrival. Beyond seventy two (72) hours, VLI shall charge a storage fee of PHP 100.00 per
    item per day. Items that remain unclaimed beyond sixty (60) days shall be disposed of by
    VLI. Perishable goods that remain unclaimed after twenty four (24) hours will be disposed

  6. VLI will endeavor to exercise its best efforts to make expeditious delivery in accordance
    with its normal trip schedules. VLI will not be held liable for any delay due to fortuitous

  7. VLI will deliver the items within forty eight (48) hours upon arrival and acceptance from
    the sending terminal.

  8. All items exceeding PHP 5,000.00 in declared value will be subject to an additions charge
    of 10 percent of the said excess value.

  9. Liability of VLI for loss or damages shall be limited to the value declared In the official

  10. All damages and impairment suffered by the good during transit by reason of accident
    shall be for the account of VLI.

  11. Person receiving the cargo must check if his/her items are in good condition before
    leaving the Drop&Go outlet. The cargo is deemed received in good order and condition in
    the absence of any complaint on the day that the recipient claimed the cargo.

  12. By transacting with VLI, the shipper warrants that he/she has read, understood and has
    agreed to the terms and conditions of VLI’s Drop&Go service.
    The shipper shall indemnify the company from any loss and/or damages arising from
    violations of the shipper’s warranties, or as a result of the shipper’s warranties being
    untrue or inaccurate.